Greater Greater Washington

Graphics created for posts on Greater Greater Washington, a popular urbanism blog focused on the Washington DC region.
Some posts also written by myself.

"14th Street could get a faster bus line. Here’s how."

A detailed graphic of the proposed Metrobus 59 route through central DC.

January 2017

"Housing and jobs are popping up around the Green Line at breakneck pace"

A simple graphic showing the 1/4 mile walksheds of the Metro Green line in downtown DC.

January 2017

"We know where most of DC’s population lives. Does Metro run through those places?"

Graphics comparing the District's most dense neighborhoods compared to where the Metro runs.

October 2016

"Why is there no Metro line on Columbia Pike?"

A look back at a proposed Metro line on Columbia Pike in Northern Virginia, why it never came to be, and why it is still not seriously considered.

October 2016

"Get to know all the buses in the Metrobus fleet"

A guide to identifying the buses of Washington's Metrobus service. Each bus model represented with its own simplified graphic, with accompanying information.

April 2016

"Here's where Metro did all its weekend track work in 2015"

A graphic detailing where track work was conducted over the year of 2015. Map is a combination schematic track map of the Washington Metro, stylized to the layout of the official guide map.

February 2016

"The lion's share of DC's new housing is only going in one part of the city"

A graphic depicting housing growth in the District of Columbia.

August 2015

"Which Metro parking lots fill up, and which don't"

A modified version of the Washington map depicting the capacity of the system's Park and Ride lots.

July 2015

"Will the Purple Line appear on the Metro map?"

Several experimental maps modifying the official Washington Metro map to depict the under-construction Purple Line.

July 2015

"Modern streetcar planning in the region, visualized"

An animated map depicting the evolution of streetcar planning in the Washington DC region. Accompanied a four-part series on the history of streetcar proposals.

May 2015

"A map of Montgomery County's rapid transit future"

A map depicting the proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system for Montgomery County, Maryland.

February 2015

"Your transit map could look like this if Maryland builds the Red and Purple Lines"

A map depicting the combined transit networks of Washington and Baltimore, including proposed light rail lines.

February 2015